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With over a decade in the real estate development industry, Spaze has successfully created dynamic and highly sophisticated real estate properties for clients from diverse backgrounds. Since our inception in 2006, we have delivered world-class real estate projects including commercial properties, residential spaces and IT Parks as well as retail spaces that boast of excellent design, materials, engineering and architecture.

Today, we have successfully constructed and delivered as many as 11 commercial & retail spaces, 1 IT Park and 4 Residential projects and we look forward to adding many more corporate offices, buildings, shopping centres, residential spaces and other commercial projects to our portfolio. Our strong foothold in the Delhi & NCR region has enabled us in providing world-class commercial and residential spaces to our clients.

Our team of top-notch architects and designers combine their unique experience with appropriate location, quality as well as features to deliver superior quality real estate properties. Our enviable track record coupled with our team of seasoned industry professionals has helped us in delivering robust, futuristic and innovative real estate properties in Delhi and NCR region.

At Spaze, we align client goals and insight with our innovative approach to provide buyers with dynamic commercial as well as residential properties. We begin by assessing our client's needs as well as the buyers’ preferences and eventually deliver projects that meet and exceed their expectations.

Why Spaze?

As the leading real estate developer in Gurgaon and NCR region, we care a lot about designing beautiful homes for the community. We use our years of expertise, knowledge, tools and techniques to design & construct comfortable and architecturally sound residential spaces that feature cosy and comfortable abodes for homeowners from all walks of life.

As the leading real estate builder in gurgaon, we look forward to enriching the present and future of the people and community at large. Whether you're planning to invest in a shop or even if you intend to purchase your own offices and retail space, our commercial real estate properties are tailor-made to suit your preferences.

From identifying our clients’ aspirations, developmental needs and overall ideas to building extraordinary infrastructure and real estate properties, we leave no stone unturned in choosing the best locations and landscapes for creating well-integrated and planned communities as well as lifestyle destinations for all and sundry. That’s exactly why our private and public real estate properties feature functional and innovative designs that offer truly distinct lifestyle and business experience.

Here’s what sets us apart from our competitors
  • We're deeply passionate about development and are committed to uplifting the community by providing them with modern lifestyle as well as spaces.
  • We use environmentally friendly methods and materials as part of designing &developing real estate spaces that are energy efficient.
  • We are true visionaries who go beyond today’s construction & architecture to determine the futuristic real estate trends and requirements of our clients based on their targeted buyers and income segment.
  • We offer timely completion and delivery of projects at highly competitive rates.
  • Our unparalleled construction, acquisition and development services enable us in delivering unmatched quality and innovative designs to our clients.
  • Our client-centric and industry leading approach allows us to deliver superior architectural buildings and real estate properties.
  • We conduct detailed analysis and market research to track market trends and further choose the best locations for our projects.

With our dedicated and highly experienced team of customer support professionals, we focus on regular client interactions and also assist them through the process of selling and after sales services. From hearing customer grievances to acknowledging their key demands and fulfilling them, we leave no stone unturned in offering 100% client satisfaction.


Of greater goals

Of higher benchmarks


Towards excellence in all fields

Towards new horizons


In accordance with vision

Beyond commitments

Presence and Milestones

We currently have 16 projects spread across the city of Gurgaon. 11 of which are commercial, 4 residential and 1 IT Park.

We have delivered 4 commercial, one premium group housing project and IT Park as per the scheduled delivery time. The rest of the projects are being developed as per schedule and will be delivered to the customers in time.